Eyalos Visual Art Photography


Photo Exhibition by Eyal Baruch

A camera picks out the "unseen scenes" of Rome, the ones that are difficult to note in the depth of the field, the visual dramas we'd rather not tell ourselves and not sell to others.

In this third exhibition, Baruch continues his research of Rome's simulacra; The Amusement Park where what is considered "beautiful", "ancient" and connected to the SPQR sells well and the rest is swept away to the back; to the back stage, the hidden rear where it should not be seen and thus will not take part in this sophisticated image market.

The works exposed here mark one of the stops on Baruch's socio-cultural research of Rome, where the variety determined by the so-called "foreigners", "stranieri", comes to light.

The Romans, by now, come from different parts and cultures of the world, all carrying with them a disowned cultural wealth and heritage that often we, "old locals", would want to reduce to one banal uniformity in which our desire is to homogenise the "different" into the "equal" SPQR: and if we cannot manage to do that, we'd rather push it behind the scenes, make it invisible; dump it in the back yard of the SPQR.

Paraphrasing the Beatles, back in the SPQR in space but also in time.

The opening will take place on Thursday the 6th of October, at 18:00 at the "Monserrato Arte 900"; gallery, 14 Via Monserrato ,Rome. The exhibition will be open from 6-25 of October. For more details +39.066861767

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