Eyalos Visual Art Photography


Purchasing Information

Most of the pictures from the catalogues that can be downloaded form this site, and those not on the site, are available on 3 days' notice as 30 x 40 cm (around 15.7 x 11.8 inches) prints. Print costs depends on the edition and other factors) plus around 10 Euros (depending on the destination) for shipping first class. Discounts are available when several photos are purchased.

You can pay by PayPal (which supports secure credit card transactions) or by cheque by post. With the latter, the photos will be sent once the cheque has cleared. Some stock Images can be purchased in a low or an high resolution digital files. For additional information, contact me by phone or email as stated below.

All pictures are printed with the advanced technology of Lambda.

For further information on techniques, future exhibitions, projects or concerning the purchase of prints, please send an email to eyalosgroups@gmail.com or call+39 328.4019868


Le fotografie sono stampate con la moderna tecnologia di Lambda. Per domande e acquisti: eyalosgroups[AT]gmail.com o +39 328.4019868

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